The Coffee Table Can Fit Your 90’s Style Options (I/II)

  1. Don’t underrate the dar wooden cabinets

Dark wooden accents are back! You just need to know how to mix with them. 

For example, an all-white kitchen with plenty of natural light is the perfect canvas to add these elements. Plus! You can also take into consideration the advice from Crown Point, where it says that white quartz countertops neutralize the otherwise-harsh effect, and a subway tile backsplash provides timeless-but-modern style.

  1. Primary colors are the palette you must choose to get into

By having the Barcelona table replica or original -depending on your budget- you won’t have a problem in following this retro suggestion of colors, due to the neutrality that this amazing table shows.

Remember that these colors include: yellow, red, and blue. Bid for them and catch everyone’s eyes.

  1. We leave the best in the end…

Yes! You will love this hidden treasure. Do you remember when we were kids and watching movies like the fifth element? Those neon elements definitely take us back to that movie and time.

So don’t be afraid to show confidence and authenticity by adding such an attractive element like a neon sign.

Plus! If you don’t know how to choose the colors, take as an inspiration the colors of your walls.