The Egg Chair: Facts You Should Know Before Acquiring It

The Egg chair is possibly the most iconic piece in the entire career of the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. This chair has captivated a lot of people since its first presentation at the opening of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. Its high and imposing backrest together with its gruess mattresses and swivel base have made this piece transcend time, even being considered an interior design classic.

If you are looking for an Egg chair to include in your living room, bedroom or even office, you will surely want to know these curious facts about its history and characteristics. Scroll down and find out where you can buy a replica of it!

– The Egg chair has appeared many times in television series, popular movies and even music videos of famous artists around the world. Below we have compiled only some of the works where he made an impressive appearance:

* The Beatles Help! Video – 1965,

* Men in Black – 1997.

* Big brother – 2000.

* Zoolander – 2001

* Ugly Betty – 2006.

* How to lose friends and alienate people – 2008.

* The Bridge – 2011.

– The Egg chair is filled with fire-retardant polyurethane foam.

– His main purpose was only to furnish the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark’s first skyscraper, on which Jacobsen worked between 1956 and 1960.

– You can find replicas of the Egg chair at websites like Manhattan Home Design or Barcelona Designs.