The Egg chair: The Arne Jacobsen Masterpiece

It is impressive how a good interior design with very well chosen elements can make you feel. When we find pieces that generate comfort and are also visually attractive, it immediately influences our state of mind. Such is the case of the beautiful piece that we will talk about today, the Egg chair.

We highlight this chair as we believe that it faithfully represents a complete design as: it has a lot of personality, offers exceptional comfort, has longevity and, of course, is incredibly statuesque. Today, we will explore the fascinating story behind the creation of the great Arne Jacobsen.

The Egg chair history

The Egg Chair was designed in 1958 for the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The first skyscraper ever in the city, the hotel was Arne Jacobsen’s largest commission to date. He was the designer hired to create from the façade to the furniture, cutlery and lighting.

The Egg chair description

This striking  piece was made using new methods and materials – a foam shell covered in upholstery. It also has a rotating base made of stainless steel that allows you to have extra comfort.