The Elegant Shell Chair Replica Can Be A Great Choice For This Father’s Day

Don’t leave your Father’s Day gift for the last minute and give away a replica of the Shell chair!

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month to commemorate the man of the home who helps and loves us so much every day of the year.

Instinctively, men tend to be a little more territorial, so having their own rooms around the house focused on satisfying their needs or hobbies gives them a certain pleasure. That is why today we have brought as a Father’s Day gift option a Shell chair replica.

The Shell chair replica is inspired by the original model designed by renowned designer Hans Wegner. This chair was launched on the market in the golden years when the mid-century style ruled the interior of the houses.

The Shell chair is a mid-century piece that was first created in 1963, this is a representation of an airy and dynamic concept recreated with simple materials. It has a slightly curved back made of molded oak plywood, and what makes it stand out is that it has three legs instead of four. This was thanks to the ingenuity that Hans Wegner had for his time.