The Flag Halyard Chair: a Precious Piece In Wegner’s Collection

The collection of chairs that make up Hans Wegner’s career includes more than five hundred pieces, many of them astonishing and transcendental, which made him one of the legendary and most remembered figures of the Mid-Century Modern style.

It’s true that this great Danish inspired many of his works in the traditional and normally accepted forms within the concept of “modern chair”, the vast majority of them made of wood, but the Flag Halyard Chair was practically his great exception since it’s a model in which the wood is not included in any measure but which also managed to stand out as one of its most original pieces.

It’s well known that the Hans Wegner Flag Halyard Chair was conceived during a summer afternoon on the beach. When reviewing its design and paying attention to its silhouette, its ergonomic proposal, and the effect that its materials achieve in combination with its extravagant finishes, such as its sheepskin cover, it’s not strange to deduce that these were its origins.

In fact, the designer drew the first sketches of this design in the sand on the beach with a stick. Some products, such as the Manhattan Home Design’s Flag Halyard Chair replica, are made according to the specifications and materials of the original model. It includes a stainless steel frame, with the seat and back woven with a flag line.

This structure unusually breaks with the continuity of the style in the Wegner catalog to offer a more daring piece that pointed in another direction and managed to introduce an original proposal with great success.

The Flag Halyard Chair reproduction is available to any buyer to beautify their modern spaces and provide them with a piece with a luscious and transformative effect that will enhance the properties of the environment in an aesthetic and functional sense.