The Flag Halyard Chair Is Perfect To Enjoy Your Garden With Style And Comfort

The Flag Halyard Chair is an excellent option to enjoy outdoor spaces, where you can be in the company of your favorite plants that you have cared for so much throughout the year. This is a very original piece that can work both indoors and outdoors or on that balcony where you have made a particular selection of pots to generate a natural and warm atmosphere. Not always the best option is a traditional garden bench or a typical four-person dining set. Although they are viable alternatives that you can consider, you can indeed explore other possibilities and add something that you won’t find in any other garden.

Despite being a Hans Wegner design, this chair doesn’t include wood in any way, but rather rustic materials such as aluminum and a specially developed flag line, which makes up the seat and back. However, the sheepskin that coats its surface gives it a stunningly elegant finish that will look just as good whether you install the chair indoors or outdoors. Also, you can always choose the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design, a design that perfectly emulates all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the original piece.

Imagine sitting in your garden on a sunny Sunday enjoying the company of your family, sharing a barbecue with your favorite drink in hand, sitting in your Flag Halyard Chair reproduction enjoying all its style and comfort.