The Florence Arm Chair Is The Piece That Leather Lovers Need

If you are a true fan of that natural leather look, you need to know about the Florence arm chair!

cubic armchair tan

The Florence armchair is a mid-century chair ruled by the principles of that time; which includes simplicity and functionality.

This chair was made by Florence Knoll, an architect and furniture designer who dedicated her life to improving office design and solving quotidian problems. 

“I needed a piece of furniture, it was not there, so I designed it.”

Florence Knoll Bassett
Designer Florence Knoll, 1949 | Kristine | Flickr
Designer Florence Knoll, 1949

Although Florence was a woman in a male-led industry, she introduced the Florence Knoll chair as a one-piece solution that supports luxurious upholstery while looking aesthetic and accommodates those awkward nooks and crannies while making them look elegant. To her surprise, the chair caught the eye of many home and office owners.

Now, why you need to have it?

The answer is very simple: Italian leather upholstery!

This leather is one of the most wanted in the market, the Florence Knoll chair has finishes reformed with flexible aniline, natural oils, and waxes, these together with its stainless frame around all the cubic form, make this mid-century chair an iconic piece!

So if you are a leather lover, try this soft and warm texture and let us know what you think.