The Hans Wegner Shell Chair, a closer look

“The perfect accent chair”; “The chair with a smile”; “The chair with wings”. These are some of the names that the Shell Chair has received since its releasing, and re-releasing, in the 1960s and the 1990s. 

These names are a living testimony about the huge popularity of this classic staple of design. Truth be told, its creator Hans Wegner didn’t like to give names to its creations, calling they just “Chairs”. Was always an idea of the Design House to look for suitable names for this Artisan creations. Today, as it happens with most of classic design items, the name of the creator  is prepended to the model, so “Hans Wegner Shell Chair” is the most accepted denomination. 

More closer to the Shell Chair

Three- legged, Aerial, with a dynamic silhouette, but with a comfortable and somehow friendly look, the Shell Chair has some pretty arguments at its favor to call it the perfect accent chair.  But a lot of the true experience with a Shell Chair has to do with your manufacturer. It’s really your manufacturer using the right materials and following the process according to the creator’s design? 

In Barcelona Design, the characteristic three legged chair frame is carved from American walnut. Its comfortable cushioned seat is upholstered with black leather, raddled in a plywood frame. These are distinctive features to invite you to relax, but the final detail resides in its recline angle combined with the two paddled cushions (The “wings”), that take you in a voyage of pleasure.

With enough personality .

The Hans Wegner Shell Chair is comfortable and good looking enough to give your room the final touch of design. One is good enough, but equally creates a good effect in pairs.

But, as it happens with timeless design pieces, The Hans Wegner Shell Chair fits great in public-high profile, elegant spaces, like for example, airports’s cafe’s; or a waiting room in a fancy antechamber.

The Phoenix chair

Another name that can be attached to this master piece. Released originally in 1963, the Hans Wegner Chair received acclaimed critics by specialized experts, but the answer from the public was cold. Too avant garde?. Maybe. Besides, manufacture limits from that time made prevent the Shell Chair of a large scale production at that time.

It was finally in 1998 when it was reintroduced again in the market by the Hansen House, with an instant and massive success, in the mist of the Mid Century Modern Design fever of the 1990s, until nowadays.

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