The Hans Wegner Shell Chair: Much more than a “Focal Point”

When you are in the project of make a renovation of your Living Room or your Family Room, and if you have the opportunity to talk with an Interior Designer , the expression “focal point’ will probably emerges. You’d probably wonder what does it mean.

A “Focal Point” is some piece of furniture or some particular feature in the room that calls the attention of the guests or any person who gets into the room. There are certain things that can be a Focal Point in a room: A fireplace, the TV center, a ceiling lamp or even a old brick wall. These are particularities of the space that make your fist impression. Sometimes a piece of furniture can be a Focal Point.

When you look a focal point you get an impression. If its a fireplace, you’ll feel warm; if its the TV you will feel energy and fun; in the case of a ceiling lamp you can be amazed and amused by the lights or shadows. If its furniture you can be delighted by its beauty and sense of comfort. Some times the energy and disposition of a room may convert a beautiful chair the center of attraction of the whole room. 

A Hans Wegner Shell Chair is a beautiful object, and it’s definitely one focal point whenever is displayed in a room, thanks to its winged look, and the beauty of plywood work, because it creates a good vibe to sit and relax.
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