The Iconic Egg Chair: 3 Movies Where It Has Appeared (I/II)

A bit of the Egg Chair background

The Egg Chair is worldwide recognized as a mid-century icon, it was first created by Jacobsen in 1958 for the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, this was the first skyscraper in Denmark. 

This building was a project made by Jacobsen itself, in the project included the outside and inside areas too, so the elements placed in the room made the Egg Chair stand out, being a representation of how you can converge the design and architecture to a same point. 

The structure of the Egg Chair was achieved using a specific sculpture technique. Clearly modernist in scope, the chair’s curves offer a striking contrast to the building’s crisp geometric design: a block of flat surfaces made of glass and concrete.

In which movies the Egg Chair has appeared? 

  1. Men in Black – 1997

Who hasn’t seen this blockbuster movie? Yes! Where Will Smith kills a giant cockroach.

In this film, the Egg Chair is featured behind the renowned actor Rip Torn who plays the big boss Agent Zed in Men in Black, 1997 fim. In this scene the actor appears in the typical tuxedo sitting on an elegant black Egg Chair.

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