The Iconic Egg Chair: 3 Movies Where It Has Appeared (II/II)

In the previous article, we talk about a brief Egg Chair background, where we mention some of the main features of the iconic chair and one of the most famous movies where you perhaps may have seen it. 

Now, is time to continue the list with more blockbuster movies, videos and TV series. Let’s get started.

  1.  Zoolander – 2001

Another movie not so old that you perhaps remember!

The evil fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu – played by the one and only Will Ferrell in a memorable wig – sits on an Egg Chair in his office. This is an iconic scene that marks an important part of the satirical movie. The placement of the chair was complemented with the accessories of the actor and the elements in the room, the whole decoration made the actor look like a powerful character; Mugatu.

  1. Ugly Betty – 2006

A classic TV series also featured this iconic chair, but unlike the other projects mentioned, in this series, the Egg Chair made a big appearance. Most of the Ugly Betty set represents the office of the fictional magazine Mode, and it has numerous chairs from it.