The Interesting History Of The Egg Chair Creation

Every great iconic piece has an interesting story behind it, and the Egg chair is no exception! This chair has been for years an icon within the Scandinavian style, showing remarkable influences of this style and Danish concepts in its structure. Not only has it reached the living rooms and bedrooms of many homes but it has also featured in famous films such as The Men in Black and Zoolander.

Today we will tell you a little about the creation of this iconic piece. Let us begin!

The Egg chair was created by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen. This designer was a key piece for the design revolution, being one of the pioneers in modernism, standing out for its structures and clean lines. Because of this, Arne was contacted by Radisson SAS hotel personnel, located in Copenhagen, to take care of the furnishing of the lobby and the building itself. 

The staff in charge of the building asked him to create a chair that could provide privacy from the crowd. This is the reason why the Egg chair has a very large back – compared to other designs – and the egg-shaped inspiration.

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