The Jason Statham Saga: A Shell Chair and a Cool Actor

Jason Statham, the British actor of very successful blockbuster films, like the Fast and Furious and The Transporter sagas, and another smashing hits like The Expendables may show in the screen the image of a very though, rude cold guy, but it happens to be otherwise in reality.

With the passing of years, and with a careful planning of its financial resources, Jason Statham has managed to buy, restore and sell some real state opportunities that came along in the way. Recently , he just sold the house he used to live with his wife, Rosie Huntington, after a conscious Mid Century Modern driven restoration. The final price was 19.95 m USD. Considering he acquired it in 10.6 m USD ten years ago, we all may agree that that business was pretty successful and the restoration process was a success.

But the Jason Statham chronicles in the world of furniture and design are quite interesting, and in this time we will only refer that the star of the new netflix series Shadow and Bone is obsessed with Mid Century Modern and Scandinavian Design and personally he supervises or even execute the furniture set ups in its properties.

Recently, in his IG account he took a shoot seated in one of his favorite chairs. And guess which it is? a Hans Wegner Shell Chair. That confirm us that Jason is a very well versed guy in the design team, just like anyone who get to know the work of its creator, Hans Wegner.

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