The Luxurious Latin Hotel That It’s Furnished With Mid-Century Replicas (I/II)

If you are a traveler; a fan of luxury and appreciate the art behind the interior design, stay here! Today we are going to show you 3 hotels based in Latin America that are completely decorated and furnished with mid-century furniture replicas such as Egg chairs and Florence Knoll sofas. 

Latin America not only offers a gorgeous experience surrounded by natural landscapes and biodiversity but also has to offers luxurious hotels with natural environments. The following hotel is one of the most iconic in Latin America. Scroll down and select your favorite.

The Humbolt Hotel is the paradise for any mid-century lover

The Humbolt Hotel is based in Caracas, Venezuela. This place is specifically placed in one of the most famous parks in this city called “El Avila”. The attractiveness of this hotel remains in two things, its mid-century decoration and its particular location. The building is located at a height of 2,140 meters above sea level, its architecture is composed of a circular tower that allows a 360º view.

Now, if that wasn’t enough, you will also be able to enjoy incredible mid-century replicas such as an Egg chair.

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