The Marble Base Of Your Arco Lamp Is More Special Than You May Think

This very special and precious material present in the base of your Arco lamp is created from the physical or chemical alteration of the limestone sediments in a denser material, through heat and pressure. These transformations result in a rock of a crystalline nature that can be easily polished. After the respective treatment, the marble can reach a spectacular natural shine without the need to add waxes or chemical components that alter it. 

There are different types of marble whose appearance and nature will depend on several factors, but especially the quarry from where it was extracted and the way it has been treated. The most popular shades of marble used in the design and decoration industry are white, brown, red, green, black, gray, blue, and yellow marble. It’s a resource that’s applied to different indoor and outdoor spaces. Some renowned buildings are famous for including marble as an important component of their exterior facades, such as churches, museums, and pantheons.

In addition to the above, marble is a resource as natural as the wood of a tree trunk. It’s a product that requires certain care and is not recommended for environments with too high activity levels, such as an industrial kitchen where work is constantly carried out and where it’s not possible to clean stains and splashes quickly.

Arco Lamp
Source: Architonic