The Noguchi Table Is The Perfect Furniture Piece For You To Make an MCM Transition

There are many ways to make a decorative transition to a Mid-Century Modern style that you feel most comfortable with, that represents your personality and preferences. These are three remarkable recommendations for that transition to be totally successful:

  1. Lighting. Note that your space can stand out in all its glory thanks to appropriate lighting. Furthermore, visual balance is also supported and highlighted by successful limitation. The colors, shapes, proportions, contrasts, and what you want to convey with interior design, stand out much better with correct and balanced lighting.
  2. Choose the right coffee table. A Mid-Century Modern coffee table such as the Noguchi table is an element that occupies a very visible and important place, and which can become the focal point of your design. Remember that there are hundreds of very different designs and alternatives. Choose a model that adds value to your space; that’s a reflection of your personality and looks good with the rest of the elements.
  3. Add a star chair. We all have a favorite piece of furniture in our most used areas of the house, which we use most frequently and which we appreciate the most. If this is not your case yet, you can consider adding an Eames Lounge chair and making it your main chair, as it’s one of the most iconic pieces of MCM.