The Noguchi Table Synchronizes Form and Utility in One Design

One of the main sources of inspiration that Isamu Noguchi had for the creation of his iconic Noguchi table that first appeared in 1947 was George Nelson’s article “How to make a table”. Almost all of his collection of tables, which are now known as Noguchi coffee tables, had a reinvention in 1984. These pieces, over time, became symbols of modern classic furniture, taking into account that they are a mixture of function and form in which sculpture is added. They are pieces with very convenient proportions, creations based on minimalism, destined to enhance the value of the home or office dazzlingly.

The Noguchi Table replica by Manhattan Home Design is faithfully manufactured to the original product specifications. The piece is especially recognized for its strong 1/2″ thick tempered glass surface, which is supported by a striking biomorphic-looking hand-carved wooden base that is the source of its elegance. The synchronization of form and utility is one of the major notable advantages of both the Noguchi table reproduction and the original.

You can easily recognize the Noguchi table by three components: its glass top with an original triangular shape with rounded angles and the two sculptural pieces of wood that function as legs, intertwined in an interesting geometric shape that has been described as “sculpture for use”. Get a Noguchi table for your living room or office, and you’ll be adding a durable and sturdy table to your area.