The Ophelia Bed: a Perfect Piece For Your Bichromatic Decor

The bichromatic style has gained greater acceptance in recent times, and it’s estimated that it will be one of the great decorating trends of 2021. However, the truth is that many people don’t know it and don’t know exactly why it would benefit their bedroom, in which it has their Ophelia bed, or that modern living room for which they have bought several iconic pieces.

However, it isn’t a secret for any professional interior designer that the bichromatic style is the perfect solution in many cases, and the feasible method to make a platform bed frame look with all the splendor of its aesthetic characteristics.

The basics of the bichromatic style are as simple as its name implies: it simply consists of designing interior spaces using only two colors, which are usually a light and a dark tone, or a cold and a warm hue, to generate an interesting contrast that can be visible in the whole environment.

In this sense, a wood bed frame that has a style defined by a predominant color, such as the Ophelia bed with its upholstery in an interesting neutral tone, is a perfect piece to let creativity fly with this trend.

Imagine for a moment that your modern bed frame is part of a decor defined by the contrast between a neutral tone and some intense tone. That tone could be dark brown, black, or some bold color associated with the Mid-Century Modern style, such as violet, red, or yellow.

The bichromatic style is just one of the possibilities with which your mid-century bed frame can shine in all its splendor. It can be part of a visually balanced environment, capable of awakening your admiration and well-being every time you use it.