The Secret Behind the Unique look of the Hans Wegner Shell Chair

Light, winged, dynamic and beautiful above all. These are some of the words that come to our minds when we think about the Hans Wegner Shell Chair and its stunning design. But what is that crucial element that set this chair apart from the rest? Why its so original to our view?

If we take a closer look we’ll notice: Its a three leg chair. Not very common, even when we think that one – legged chairs, like the Tulip Chair, are more known that three- legged models. But, as we may see, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair has distinctive signs about it. The chair’s laminated legs, with some resemblance to a spider,  are made with several layers of veneer. The two front legs are made from a single element, resulting in a unique and stable form.

This combination of an winged appearance, with the two legs in the front plus one in the back is what take us to an aerial point of view, just like an classic airplane.

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