The Shell Chair: From the Wood to the Rock.

Some interesting things happen when we are in front of a classic piece. No matter if that piece is a literature work, sculpture, a classic sports car, or the design of furniture: There will be always original ways to express admiration and pay tribute to your influencers.

This is the case with the Shell Chair and the original proposal by Zaha Hadid, a group of architects that made a recreation of Hans Wegner’s 1963, CH07 “Shell” Chair” as a sculpture, in stone and carbon fiber.

The Zaha Hadid group called the chair Lapella Chair. Is the exact representation of the original Shell Chair of wood and leather, but in this case, its characteristic winglike silhouette with tapered legs is made of palisandro stone and carbon fiber composites. The final result is a beautiful stunning stone chair, sculped as one only rock.

It wasn’t an easy task. To achieve the same functionality of the original masterpiece, but with a lighter weight, the group of architects worked closely with the University of Westminster and AKT II, an engineering firm based in London. The purpose was to determine the minimum thickness of the stone, capable to support a functional structure. 

By this thoughtful mastering of the stone, the Zaha Hadid group just provided a second air to the  Hans Wegner Shell Chair, with a piece half a sculpture and half a new futuristic chair.

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