The Shell Chair: Organic & Gorgeous Structure Are Just Two Of Its Features

If you’re a follower of the mid-century modern movement, perhaps you’ve heard or at least looked at this chair before. The Shell Chair is the perfect combination of classic, functional, and modern.

Let’s start by talking about its organic lines that seem as if they hypnotize you with its waveform, this particularity is what makes the chair look elegant but simple at the same time. The Shell chair uses one of the most used materials of this MCM style; which is walnut plywood.

The walnut plywood used in the construction of this piece is top finished with a soft sheen addition that definitely adds a classy aura to the entire chair.

The chair can be used in any area, from living rooms to bedrooms, or perhaps the office, as it is a mid-century modern piece that was created to meet multiple needs, you will have multiple functions in just one piece!

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