The Shell Chair: Part of the Mid Century Modern Legacy

As it usually happens, the Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair is often cited as one of the definitive symbols of Modern furniture. This time is the turn of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York, through its web My Modern Met. In a very recent article dedicated to the phenomena of Mid Century Modern, the Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair is mentioned as one of the finest examples of how Scandinavian design turned into a big influence in Mid Century Modern.

The structure of the Shell Chair, made of “pure and honest” materials is highly praised in the article. Mid Century Modern style pieces, like the Hans Wegner’s Shell Chair, show their love for wood thanks to the influence of Scandinavian style and their mastering of wood. And certainly, that’s the story of Hans Wegner, one of the most respected artisans in the XXth century, with an unmatched talent to create sculptured chairs.

Rethinking the chair, every designer of Mid Century Modern style tried to take back the idea of a chair and built it again from scratch to leave only the essentials. That’s the reason why so many original models of chairs were born during the 1950s to 1970s period. One of these fine examples is the Shell Chair, with its characteristic winged seat and its smiling face.

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