The Tulip Table: A Perfect Piece For Minimalist Environments

It’s just over half a century ago that architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen brought to the world his famous collection of pedestal tables and chairs, which became world-famous for their tulip shape. Today, a Tulip table is currently one of the most obvious expressions of modernism, with an elegance based on simplicity. The main concept on which these pieces are based is to present models that totally renew the traditional aesthetics of the legs as the main support and, instead, present the idea of a more unified design, in which their connection with the ground is a visually continuous extension of its upper part. The creator was given the task of imagining pieces in which the idea of the legs was eliminated and, instead, it was a column that did the work of supporting the structure.

The pieces became models so legendary and respected for their originality that even the most faithful imitations, such as the tulip table replica by Manhattan Home Design, are admired for their quality and are among the best-selling products in the store. The name of the piece refers to the fact that its curved base opens upwards forming a kind of “stem” holding the upper part, in which the greater volume of the design remains as if it were a flower. Besides, the catalog of these pieces includes various variations, sizes, and even colors, since the black tulip table is a very similar design, but with a very sober black color, ideal for areas with neutral color schemes. This Saarinen masterpiece, with its simplistic and delicate elegance, is perfect for minimalist settings.