The Wegner Chairs: The Wishbone Chair (CH24)

From a prolific and influential creator as Hans Wegner, there is a lot to learn in each one of its designs. An artisan and artist, the enormous work of Hans Wegner has several of the most popular designs in furniture of the century. Let’s take a look at one of its most popular creations: The Wishbone Chair.

With a recognizable and beautiful back, the Wishbone chair combines back and arm-rest in one single piece. Its characteristic” Y” shape gives it that particular silhouette that pleases people over the world. The Wishbone Chair was introduced in 1949, and it was always a sales success.

A Hans Wegner chair, just like the Wishbone, or the Shell Chair, is not a industrial item, manufactured every 30 seconds. Each Wegner chair, has many of its components hand made and assembled, with a rigorous technique that requires highly qualified artisans. The Wishbone

Chair offers a beautiful, delicate design that is very popular and it projects stability and comfort  since the moment we contemplate it.

As a curious note, the Wishbone Chair was delivered by Hans Wegner  to its design house along with another three designs. They all were rejected in the first moment by the design house. Nevertheless, they were manufactured the next year (1949), and since then the Wishbone became a favorite of the public all over the world.

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