The Womb Chair: A Chair for Times like This

Winter just left a couple of weeks, but lockdowns an quarantine are still with us, and apparently they will be for some time, and with this, the need for a more comfortable, suitable home.

Comfort is now more than a luxury matter, we are staying home much more time than we never made before. So is a real need. Going from our home office desk to the kitchen, and then to our desk may be as stressful as our office work was before, so distension and relax are necessary.

This is where comfort furniture gets in. The Eero Saarinen’s Womb Chair is one fine choice to get that necessary spaces of relax and distension both from work and the house’s tasks. Why is that? Let’s clarify it a little bit:

It is beautiful and colorful.

Only taking a look of the Womb Chair, is enough reason to feel irresistible wishes to sit and curlp up, due to its round shape and cheerful color. That makes it the favorite piece of kids and even pets in your home.

Seat as you like.

With a rounded silhouette that invites you to seat, not only in the traditional posture, but the way you want at the moment. Florence Knoll, the afamed inspirator of theWomb Chair, suggested this way to Eero Saarinen “I told Eero I was sick and tired of the one-dimensional lounges…long and narrow…” she said, “I want one where I can sit in sideways or any other way I want to sit in it.”

Feel the comfort

An of course, in its original version, boucle is the original material of the  Womb Chair. Boucle, French for “curl,” is a heavy textile made with looped yarn.

“The look is irregular, and the tiny loops create shadows, both of which add interest and texture,” says Liz Caan, an Interior Designer, when referring to the cozy feeling of the Womb Chair. Boucle has long been a source of inspiration in the fashion and furniture worlds.

So, don’t wait that much, choose your color and get that reward that you deserve and request in this singular time.

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