The Womb Chair and the Womb Series

Was the year of 1940 when Florence Schust joined with Eero Saarinen to ask him to design for the new  company she was founding with her husband. That company was Knoll. Florence  was later recognized as Florence Knoll and her association with the most talented designers of that time produced a series of masterworks that still are quite relevant for Interior Design, and popular among furniture lovers.

The Womb chair is one of this fortunate cases. Florence Knoll asked to Eero Saarinen, by then a young talented designer, to produce a very comfortable chair, “a chair that is like a basket full of cushions, to curl up and read a book in”. The response of Eero Saarinen was the Womb Chair Classic Boucle (1948). There is no doubt that he could accomplish it successfully, and today the Womb Chair is considered among the most comfortable chairs ever made.

Using boucle as their material base, Saarinen look for a chair comfortable and smooth, where every position were easy and there were freedom of movement. In order to provide the best possible relax, an Ottoman was added (though you can buy the chair alone). The rounded silhouette of the Womb Chair  looks to hold you and adapt to the shape of your body for a pleasant experience.

The Womb Series

The experience of the Womb Chair  has several presentations, lets make a brief recount.

The Womb Chair Classic Boucle

Made with the warmth of boucle, the original Womb Chair  and Ottoman in the design that made it popular around the world. It use to have several choices of color to fill any space.

The Womb Settee

Made for two, the Womb Sette is the presentation of the Womb Chair  to sit with company. Ideal for couples and family, it’s the perfect piece of design for your family room.

The Womb Chair, Medium

Made for smaller sizes, and the little ones of the house. Is a great idea, since the kids love to sit in a Womb Chair , attracted by its color and delicacy.

Eero Saarinen, the creator of the Womb Chair

One of the truly masters of furniture in the XX century, Eero Saarinen is the creator behind legendary pieces, just  like the Tulip Table and Chairs; and the Womb Chair . Architect of remarkable works, such as the Arco Gateway in Missouri, and the School of Law of the University of Chicago, he managed to establish a long term relationship with Knoll, where he was a prolific creator. Saarinen is actually son of a very prestigious Finland Architect, Eliel Saarinen, and he was born in  Kirkkonummi, Finland in 1910, dying in Michigan, United States. He died of brain cancer in Arbor Michigan, in 1961. Speaking about the Tulip Table, he once stated that he was pleased to release the world of the chaos caused by legs under the tables around the world.

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