The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Direct Way of Expressing Modernism

Has it ever happened to you that while you were watching a movie, a series, or any TV program with an old-style setting, you realized how much things have changed in the world of furniture design? The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is a direct sample of them and also an alternative that you have on hand to express directly everything that Mid-Century Modern means.

It’s enough to note the differences between an antique sofa full of ornamental details that would currently be considered unnecessary. Also, classic furniture pieces didn’t focus so much on user comfort and that’s one of the reasons why they don’t seem the most ergonomic models at first glance. All that changed over time with the incorporation of increasingly appropriate materials for human use and industrial techniques that facilitated mass production processes.

A midcentury sofa is currently the most common thing you can get in a furniture store. People are looking not only for something durable but also versatile in an aesthetic sense. A modern sofa tends to go beyond the obvious and offer solutions that a little more than a hundred years ago were unknown.

For example, modular sofas can be transformed according to the user’s needs to adjust the position of their seats to a more convenient way. Many sectionals and sofabeds also offer attractive technical advantages. The Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, with its tan leather upholstery, will become the cornerstone of your floor plan and a powerful decorative element.