The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: a Model Made To Last

Leather upholstery usually has an excellent reputation in modern settings. That’s not surprising, especially if you take into account the wide range of options, finishes, and colors that the development of industrial techniques has allowed in recent decades. Some people choose models like the Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa because it’s amazingly comfortable, easy to clean, and has outstanding durability.

Besides, leather is perfect for people who suffer from allergies, as it’s waterproof and doesn’t absorb particles from the environment, unlike leather upholstery. These are the functional aspects that many people love in a midcentury sofa, and they go a long way towards explaining its renewed popularity.

On the other hand, a modern sofa upholstered in leather is a perfect choice for the so-called “man caves”, which are spaces full of very sober and formal elegance, focused on function and masculine minimalism. Leather is also a very soft material that gains flexibility over the years and naturally develops a patina that makes it look even more elegant and appealing.

Actually, buttery caramel color was a shade that had been gaining fame since the 1970s. A popularity that became established in recent decades, with the strong dissemination of the Mid-Century Modern style. After all, a model as robust, resistant, and welcoming as this one was created to conquer outstanding spaces, like yours.