The Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa Is A Highly Versatile Sofa

Many people mistakenly relate the size of a compartment with the number of elements that should be added to it to compose an efficient layout that appropriately reflects an aesthetic style.

Although many times the mere presence of a piece like the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa represents a very outstanding value. Nevertheless, it’s important to take into account whether it’s a minimalist, maximalist layout, or a middle point in which simply a valid balance has been struck to create a decluttered enough area.

Nobody wants a huge living room in which there’s a very basic selection of furniture and elements that results in the feeling of being in an incomplete space, even though it’s probably an environment with everything that its users need for their daily lives.

A midcentury sofa is easily identifiable by its modern characteristics, straight and simple lines, almost always inspired by geometric figures and daring upholstery that can be made of fabric, synthetic materials, or very resistant resources such as leather. 

A modern sofa is made to fit practically any space; it’s only a matter of finding the perfect spot within the place, and that can only be done by relating its function to the rest of the room’s components.

Minimalist environments focus on the practical and functional under a very clear premise: “less is more”, which means that no element present in the place will be superfluous or simply aesthetic, but should also have a specific function and a reason why it’s there.

On the other hand, a maximalist living room admits any amount of furniture, ornaments, and elements that the user wishes, to take advantage of every inch of the area, regardless of whether it looks overloaded. In both cases, a modern sofa can be your star element and a very convenient product for your life.