Timber Chair is The Perfect Mid-Century Complement For Your Layout

Living rooms are those spaces where we put a lot of energy into the decorating process, this is perhaps because this section of the home is the most popular for all. For this reason, it is important to include elements that make it feel more warm for you and your guests.

The accent chairs are a way to highlight some detail of your living room and in turn add a space where the person feels welcomed. There are currently thousands of mid-century accent chairs but today we want to introduce you to the Timber chair.

This beautiful chair is made with an oak wood edge trim and voluptuous leather cushions, conducive to taking your design to another level and taking a visual journey back in time to that golden era. Its feather-filled cushions and fine leather upholstery will take you to a level of relaxation and a feeling of tranquility.

Each skin used is unique! These are chosen exclusively for those who love a soft fine leather with natural tan tones. What’s more! This type of leather, where the wrinkles of the original leather are left in the final product, are currently in trend. So not only will you get a piece that will stylize the layout of your house but will also make it look more beautiful.

You can enjoy all these features and even more by acquiring the Timber chair today!