Timber Sofa: Transform Your Living Room Into A Mid-Century Paradise

The mid-century style is usually quite easy to recognize due to its predominant characteristics such as its intense color palette, juxtaposition of lines and use of certain beautiful materials such as leather, wood and metal.

To recreate a mid-century design inside your home, you only need certain iconic pieces that convey that retro vibe of those golden years. Within this particular category of furniture is the classic Timber Sofa.

If you’ve seen some mid-century layouts you’ve probably come across the Timber Sofa. This is a tan colored sofa with delicate finishes that give it a sophisticated and exquisite appearance in the sight of any lover of modern style. Its aniline leather material is the perfect contrast to that accent wall at home or that favorite piece of art that you have hanging on your wall.

The Timber Sofa is not only a “pretty face” since its manufacture is made in the most detailed and meticulous way possible. Its structure composed of oak moldings, high density feathery cushions, and its generous dimensions make it the perfect modern piece to fit into your mid-century paradise.

What do you think about the Timber Sofa? Comment below which mid-century sofa is your favorite!