Tulipan Table: Top 5 ways to get the most of it.

Stylish, delicate, practical. What are the first words that come to your mind when you look at this iconic symbol of Mid Century Modern furniture? No matter where it is: in a living room, in a hall, or a dining room. The Tulip Table will always be the center of attention. 

Find the 5 top ways to get the most of your Tulipan Table
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Born from the Pedestal Collection, the Tulip Table is freeing the world of the chaos of legs since 1955.

And how could it be different? The drop-like shape that rests in a solid rounded base, without annoying legs, was all a breakthrough when it was released in 1955, as a part of the Pedestal Collection, designed by Eero Saarinen for the house Knoll. Its base is made of heavy cast aluminum and its body of stainless steel has an abrasion-resistant rilsan finished that brings this clean, shiny look. Its top, of beveled edges, has a surface of cleft slate, quartz or marble, depending on the final use of the table: indoor or outdoor. It’s hard for us not to see these little wonders in any restaurant, terrace, or garden before. Nevertheless, let’s share here some of the classical uses of this beautiful piece of furniture.

Number one. Dinner room. There is a famous statement of Eero Saarinen when he released the design of the Pedestal Collection in 1955: “The undercarriage of chairs and tables in a typical interior makes an ugly, confusing, unrestful world” Saarinen was upset about the mess of legs under the table. By reducing them to one single base, Saarinen refreshes our perspective in any space. You can see it clearly in the dining room, with a set of Tulip Table and Chairs presenting an elegant, clean but beautiful look.  

Number two. Party. The sole view of a party room filled with the stylish, futuristic shape of Tulips Tables is a start for a good time. Fancy like no other, the several combinations of its heights and widths its suitable for any occasion. Besides, in its version with top of marble, you’ll find a series of laminates, wooden or stoned, that gives the perfect finish to a table made to shine.

The Tulip Table is versatile and slender
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With its iconic look and versatile marble top, the Tulip Table offers multiple choices for different spaces.

Number three. Garden-Outdoors. The shiny marble top of the Tulip Table definitely make a great contrast with wooden materials, so its use outdoors it’s great. As a side table on the way to the garden, with just a little colorful piece on top, definitely works. On the other hand, there should not be worries about endurance or resistance of the piece, due to its strong body of stainless steel and the quality of its marble top.

The Tulip Table and Chairs are clean cut and futuristic. You can get a lot of them.
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Clean, colorful and futuristic. Invigorates your space like no other, with simplicity.

Number four. Side table. It’s a natural use for a slender, elegant table, that fits almost everywhere. In a hall, a living room or a bedroom, few tables fit better. It’s the perfect piece to place your current readings, not to mention the most convenient mini charge area. Hardly an overloader furniture, you can add several in your space, without filling it.  

Number five. Office. Did we mention that a Tulip is a rounded table?. Well, it is. One fine, clean and futuristic space to sit together, and to reach an agreement about plans to achieve, a Tulip chair is the perfect addition when you need a little space to chat closely. Remember that it has many as 4 or six-seat space, depending on its size. 

Reach out a consensus around a Tulip Table.
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A face to face meeting in a Tulip Table is an invitation to settle an agreement and chat about mutual goals with openness. Available in Manhattan Home Design.

A classic piece from a golden era of the Mid Century, a Tulip Table is always a must in a fancy indoor or outdoor space, not only because of the beauty of its design but for its practicality and versatility.  If you want to give you the opportunity to take one of this design masterworks home, you can get in Manhattan Home Design a high-quality replica, that will cost you a fraction of the original one.