What Accessories To Add To Your Barcelona Table

The Barcelona table is an iconic glass table designed by Mies van der Rohe, he was one of the most recognized designers from the mid-century modern style, creating important pieces such as the Barcelona collection and the Farnsworth House. 

Having said that, even if you have the original or Barcelona table replica, means that you care about art and you’re always trying to improve every piece of furniture.

Why not do it with your Barcelona table?

You can start following these amazing recommendations:

Add decor according to seasons

Since the coffee table is always catching everyone’s eyes, is a nice idea to keep it decorated with seasonal elements. For example what a better way to feel the spring than adding fresh tulips in beautiful glass or water or adding pumpkin in Halloween. Play with decor between seasons!

Keep the Balance

As Mies use to said: less is more. Although you can add the accessories try to vary the height of them to keep an aesthetic and clean look.

Play with colors

As the Barcelona table is very neutral you can play with bold colors. Try to match it with your throw pillows and curtains.

Animate with plants

Who doesn’t love plants? The coffee tables are perfect to place low-maintenance kind of plants. Choose your favorite and add it next to your books.