What Can You Do On Fall To Enhance Your Barcelona Table (I/II)

Your coffee table is more important than you may think it is, this furniture piece helps the living room to turn alive! How? By creating a spot where your family and friends talk and eat together. This is where you put your drink on or place some fashion magazines.

The coffee table functions are numerous and you can play with them!

The Barcelona table is such an iconic piece that deserves some dedication to its decoration. As it is a very neutral coffee table we can take advantage of it.

Scroll down to see how!

Today we wanted to share with you a couple of ways that you can take as an inspiration to create the focal point that will give to the living room a twist by turn it out into a comfy and warm place. 

All the examples below are influenced by one of the most loveable seasons of all… Yes, you guess, the fall!

Fall has its own features that characterize other seasons like color, decoration, and type of flowers, this last is what we are going to focus today. 

So enough of our introduction and click to see the plants you can add in fall.