What do you need of an Accent Chair?

Accent chair, accent wall. What’s the deal with that sophisticated word? Do you really need that in your living room?

In interior Design, when we use the word Accent, we are looking for a focal point. Something to highlight, solid, and frequently contrasting with the main theme of the room.

Thus, for a calm, relaxing room, an accent chair in a corner, or some portion of the ceiling painted in a strong hue, allow us to create an effect, with a spot where we can rest our sight and refocus, while we admire the beauty of the design of the chair, or that deep blue of the ceiling.

That’s why an accent chair is different than your regular set up. Is there to offer a seat space, of course, but its main feature is to show an outstanding design. A good accent chair is beautiful, garish, a little bit jazzy. It will captivate the attention of your guests and it will lead to some funny talk.

If you have a very fluffy sofa and seats, a bare chair of leather of wood would create a good contrast. That’s why a Hans Wegner Shell is a great example of an accent chair.

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