Why a Shell Chair is Mid Century Modern style?

A classic piece of furniture, the Hans Wegner Shell Chair is quite popular around the world of furniture of design. And is that popular, that even several schools claim that this creation of Wegner belongs to their tradition. This way, Mid Century Modern enthusiasts claim that the Shell Chair is theirs; and something alike happens with Skandi style, and even Danish School of Furniture.

The truth is that the Hans Wegner Shell Chair. has a little bit of every school. Let’s detail here, why for us the Shell Chair is a Mid Century Modern Style piece.

With all the charm and glare of the best times of Mid Century Modern style, this beautiful chair follow the make Mid Century Modern the reference in America of taste and a good design:

  • Function over Design
  • Experimental use of  materials
  • Organic, sleek lines

These principles allowed Hans Wegner to create beautiful and  functional wood  furniture pieces that form one of the most prolific catalogs in the world of furniture.

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