Why a Shell Chair? Why Barcelona Design? Why now?

Why a Shell Chair?

We are in Black Friday Month, a time to make your major purchases of the year, and if you are willing to buy a design piece, like a Hans Wegner Shell Chair, we can’t make less but congratulate you. 

You are about to enter in the world of design pieces, and this is something you will love, for sure. Once you’ve experienced the comfort and the beauty of pieces like “the Shell”, you will find how fascinating is the world of design. 

Why Barcelona Design?

Barcelona Design is the real alternative in Mid Century Modern Style. With an absolute commitment with the original design, Barcelona Design offers high quality renditions of master pieces, like the Hans Wegner Shell Chair, or the Barcelona Bench.

Our customers speaks for ourselves (+300K)

Why Now?

Black Friday is coming, and there is not a better moment than this to get into that beloved Hans Wegner Shell Chair. With a 80% plus 10% off, there is no competitor near to offer the same combination of affordable prices and high quality.  Besides, Barcelona Design has the Best relation Price/Value; a great Service Online Web; and a Free Shipping warranty.

Can it it get any better?

Come to Barcelona Design, and get the real experience, with master pieces like the  Hans Wegner Shell Chair