Why Is The Eames Lounge Chair An Iconic Design?

Pictured below are two lounge chairs. The first one is your average 1950s lounge chair, while the other is the Eames Lounge Chair. The Eames Lounge Chair has a groundbreaking design that differs plenty from the 1950s traditional design. 

When a design is groundbreaking or iconic, it sets new standards in its field. It becomes a lead to follow for other designers and manufacturers. Furthermore, an iconic design stands the test of time, remaining a good design, despite the passing of time.

So what criteria does an iconic design need to follow?

We gathered the main points that make the difference between good design and iconic design.

  • Groundbreaking in terms of its technology or manufacturing techniques used during its production.
  • Has its place in history, or even helps change history.
  • Improves on the past.
  • Inspires other designers.
  • Is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Is innovative.
  • Is often emulated or copied by other designers.
  • Is often recognized immediately by consumers.
  • Sets a benchmark for others to follow.
  • Sets a trend.
  • Sets new standards in terms of quality, functions/features, or style.
  • Stands the test of time, remaining popular despite the passing of years.
  • Stays in the memory of those who see and/or use it.

Now that we have all of these factors that go into an iconic design, it’s time to take a look at how the Eames Lounge Chair compares to these points.

  • It is a groundbreaking design, in terms of the combination of materials used and manufacturing techniques used during its production.
  • The design has taken its place in the history of furniture design.
  • The chair design is an improvement on past designs.
  • It has inspired other designers to design similar chairs and even replicas.
  • The chair is aesthetically pleasing with its flowing curves and choice of appropriate materials.
  • It remains an innovative design.
  • The chair has been emulated/copied by other designers and manufacturers.
  • The style and design are recognized immediately by consumers.
  • The Eames lounge chair that sets a benchmark for others to follow.
  • It sets a trend in terms of style, comfort, and selection of materials.
  • The chair set new standards in terms of quality, comfort, and style.
  • The design has stood the test of time, remaining popular despite the passing of years.
  • The chair design is memorable, as it is different to other lounge chairs.

It doesn’t take much effort to notice that the Eames Lounge Chair covers every point. We probably didn’t even need to point them out, but it’s easier to make a point that way. 

So next time anyone asks you what’s so special about the Eames Lounge Chair in your home, you can state all of the above and sit back and relax while you watch them run to the door to get their own!