Womb Chair: The Timeless Piece That Is Being Included In Offices (I/II)

Office decorations have evolved along with the furniture industry. From time to time it can be seen that the decoration and elements within the office are not the same. Now it is much more common to see comfortable lounge pieces and not just Mad Men-style chairs. Today we will introduce you to the history of the Womb chair, a classic lounge chair that is currently included in many offices and businesses. In addition, we will explain this last oak phenomenon. Let us begin!

The Womb chair was created by designer Eero Saarinen at the request of his partner and his boss Florence Knoll. Florence asked Eero to create “a chair that would be like a basket full of pillows … something that I could really snuggle into.”

The design was a success because it turned out to be an innovative design from every point of view, from a structural approach to its composition. Eero had to study naval techniques to achieve a versatile design that is comfortable in many positions and angles.

Now that we know a bit about the Womb Chair history, why business owners include these chairs in their designs? Click to know.