Woodrow Box Skandi Sofa: Your Favorite Vintage Piece

The wise say that fashions are a never-ending cycle, an endless circle of styles, tastes, and collective preferences that repeat themselves over and over again over time. When you look at a model like the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa, you immediately realize that it’s a design that helps you better understand those cyclical repetitions and how they last over time.

Although modernism had its full height between the 1930s and 1960s, the truth is that the 1970s is still remembered as a season of great fashionista passions, in which experimentation took things to the next level, even in the world of furniture design.

Sometimes it’s difficult to say that a single piece of furniture directly reflects the most salient aspects of a fashion; especially if it’s a modern sofa, taking into account that there are many models that, together, make up a wide and varied catalog. Users look for in a midcentury sofa what they would expect from any other piece of furniture: that it can successfully meet their functional and aesthetic needs.

In this sense, the Woodrow Box Skandi sofa is both a high-quality product and a gorgeous design, with tanned leather upholstery, comfy cushions, and a reinforced structure with a geometric look inspired by the style of those years.

Discover the greatness of this design and surround it with a decor that’s the living reflection of the 70s’ modern magic to give your living room a delicious vintage aura.