Your Modern Sofa Can Be The Best Match For a Living Wall

Surely, you’ve already had enough time to understand that a modern sofa is not the only piece that defines style within a layout. The way you take advantage of the space that the walls offer you is usually a good opportunity to make your midcentury sofa surround itself with an environment according to its style. For example, creating a living wall is a safe bet to add more visual interest, dynamism, and freshness. A living wall is nothing more than a wall covered in plants, either in individual pots or assembled to create a highly artistic design that will, in effect, come to life.

Imagine sitting in your modern sectional and being able to enjoy a renewed and purified air thanks to its living wall. This resource is not only interesting, beautiful, and eye-catching, but it can help you reduce your accumulated stress levels, improve the acoustics of the room, and even help regulate the temperature. Your living wall can be the stunning backdrop to an area decorated in a neutral or eclectic style. 

Leather sofas can be very compatible and look great with interesting colored plants, especially if your sofa upholstery is tan or stained leather. Don’t forget that plants are like pets in your care, which you must take care of and feed so that they always show their best face and help bring out the best not only out of your sofa but to the rest of your decorating style.